Pipes inspected for possible fire damage in Santa Rosa

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) -- Video technicians are at it again, sending tiny cameras underground in Santa Rosa's Fountaingrove neighborhood looking for damaged pipe in the wake of the North Bay fires. They found some new locations on Monday.

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The director of the water department, Ben Horenstein, says, "The focus for now is on understanding where these issues are and each one is being assessed by engineers and geotech experts to understand the relative impacts of what could happen in areas where we've lost our storm drain pipes." He went on to say their specific concerns are about sinkholes, landslides, and flooding.

Officials have shut down one street where damaged pipe runs underneath it, at Cross Creek Road and Thomas Lake Harris Drive. They have not evacuated any homes, indicating they don't have immediate concerns. They say they are feeling reasonably cautious right now.

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