East Bay family upset with district's handling of classroom fight

PITTSBURG, Calif. (KGO) -- It's a fight, a beating really, that happened inside a Pittsburg High School classroom last month. Two girls attacked another, while as many as 10 other students stood by, some of them physically blocking anyone trying to break it up.

"They were pulling my hair and they were hitting me," said 17-year-old Aideth Castro, the one taking all the punches in a video taken by a classmate.

Cisneros admits she did have an ongoing verbal dispute with her attackers in the days preceding the fight, but she says she didn't deserve this.

"I was hoping someone would get to me," said Cisneros.

The fight goes on for nearly a minute before a teacher finally pushes past the crowd to break it up.

Aideth's father told ABC7 he has seen the video, but could only watch it once. "It's horrible, said Alejandro Ortiz. "There's like 10 people around her, not letting the teacher break up the fight. I feel, I feel bad."

Pittsburg Unified sent ABC7 a written statement:

PUSD takes student safety seriously and this is our number one priority. We cannot comment on specifics of this incident due to student privacy laws. In general, any student involved in a physical confrontation, for example, faces serious consequences including, but not limited to, a suspension from school, possible expulsion, or consequences involving law enforcement. In addition, any student using social media to harass, threaten or otherwise interfere with our students education at Pittsburg High will also face appropriate disciplinary action. We appreciate the partnership we have with Pittsburg Police Department and the support of our families and community.

Aideth hasn't been back to class at Pittsburg High since the attack. She says the district expelled the two girls who attacked her and they face criminal assault charges, but Aideth's family says that's not enough.

"I just feel that everybody who was involved in it should not be at the school anymore because it's just not safe," said Aideth.

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