Caught on camera: Pleasant Hill family chases out 4 masked men during home invasion

PLEASANT HILL, Calif. (KGO) -- When no answered the door after several knocks on Tuesday morning, four masked men returned minutes later, kicked down the door and broke into Debbie Brose's house in Pleasant Hill.

"It's a bigger than normal door. And it's very, very solid. And one kick. It took one kick," says Brose, as she points to the damage done to their front entrance.

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Brose doesn't think her family was targeted. She thinks the suspect just thought no one was home. But they were, and they were able to chase them out.

"I looked for a second, didn't recognize them, and then I yelled 'Robbers!' That's when my husband came running out!" explains Brose.

Home security footage caught by two different cameras shows her husband chasing after these suspects. He was able to grab one of the burglars, but he let him go when the driver threatened to run him down.

Kathy Loss has lived on the same street for 40 years. She says this has never happened in her neighborhood but says at least it is mobilizing neighbors into action.

"We are thinking to do a neighborhood watch meeting, so the neighbors get involved," says Loss.

Police arrested two of the suspects at the Concord BART station on unrelated charges on Thursday.

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Brose's advice: Even if you don't open the door, let people know you're home if someone knocks.

"Let them know that somebody is home, (because) they go away."

Brose says the suspects made off with a purse and an Xbox. She is just thankful that her family wasn't hurt.

Police recommend that if you do install security cameras to make sure one faces the street to capture the suspects or a getaway car.
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