Polish artists create entire miniature town out of gingerbread

Gliwice, POLAND -- Forget about a simple house. One of the most elaborate gingerbread creations in the world is an entire city made out of the sweet stuff.

More than 30 artists in Poland created the gingerbread town. It features 237 houses, a church and a castle. The castle was made out of 3,500 individual gingerbread biscuits all molded by hand. It is surrounded by a moat made out of what else? Gingerbread!

Two chocolate trains snake their way through the city that has a population of a few hundred gingerbread people.

Want the recipe to create your own gingerbread city? We know it includes more than a ton of gingerbread dough, 300 eggs, 66 pounds of powdered sugar and 26 gallons of honey.

The sweet city is on display now in the city of Gliwice, in southern Poland.
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