Berkeley City Council approves ban on overnight RV parking

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) -- In Berkeley, people who say they can only afford to live in RV's will soon be banned from parking them on the streets overnight.

The city council approved the ban after a tense meeting with residents and RV dwellers Tuesday night.

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The city manager's office tells ABC7 News it will now have to come up with specific rules to implement the new law before it's enforced.

Many RV dwellers have been parking overnight on 8th Street near Harrison Street for the last year. They say they feel harassed and pushed out by people who live and work in the area.

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Yesica Prado graduated from Cal last year.

"I am trying to pay back all my debt, credit cards, loans, that's why I live in an RV. To pay back my debt to society."

But not everyone calls the RV Residents good neighbors. James Whiting, manager of the Potters' Studio, said, "We have human feces in our dumpster, we have students threatened, our students feel unsafe going out to their cars at night."

Council members say the city will work to find locations where the RV owners can move and provide them with homeless services.

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