San Francisco leaders address fear about election results

Tuesday, November 22, 2016
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During her speech, House Minority Nancy Pelosi addressed the election by telling the crowd not to agonize, but to organize.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- House minority leader Nancy Pelosi was quick to dismiss Monday the attempt by U.S. Representative Tim Ryan to take over her role.

"I have such overwhelming support, God bless him for his enthusiasm, but we are ready to move on," Pelosi said.

ABC7 News caught up with Pelosi after the San Francisco Interfaith Council Thanksgiving breakfast in San Francisco.

During her speech, Pelosi addressed the election by telling the crowd not to agonize but organize. "We are gathered here at a sad time in our country in my view, but it is a time that has been indicated by time, by the bishop that we have to have our faith and courage from the heart," she said.

No one mentioned the president elect by name, but concerns about the future administration were brought up several times, with religious and city leaders vowing to fight for human rights. "The last couple of weeks have been difficult and I felt it was necessary to continue the call to bring the city together in unity and will continue to do that with your help," San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee said.

The San Francisco Interfaith Council brings together 800 different congregations. Leaders encouraged the group to reach out to those who have been living in fear since the election.

The theme of this year's breakfast was social justice. "Many months back when selected theme social justice I never imagines the profound challenge before us today," she said.

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