Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue celebrates 60 years of legends

Chrissy Teigen, Tyra Banks, Roshumba Williams and Lily Aldridge talk about empowerment and inclusion

ByGina Sirico OTRC logo
Saturday, May 18, 2024
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue celebrates 60 years of legends
Chrissy Teigen, Kate Upton, Lily Aldridge and Roshumba Williams are among the Sports Illustrated legends gracing the covers of the 60th anniversary Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

NEW YORK CITY -- The pages of the Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Issue have featured many a legend. To celebrate its 60th anniversary, lots of legends gathered to grace the cover for this special occasion.

"I feel like this cover especially is just a celebration of womanhood and empowerment and I feel very honored to be part of it," Lily Aldridge told On The Red Carpet at the launch party in New York City.

"It's just so good to be able to come together on different chapters in our life (sic)and also to be celebrated. It's really special," said Molly Sims.

The magazine is releasing solo covers as well as three collectible covers, featuring the SI legends.

On The Red Carpet fashion expert Roshumba Williams has been working with Sports Illustrated since 1989. She's appeared in the magazine many times over the years, but never appeared on a cover, until now.

"I'm in shock because, you know, you do it for so long and you're just grateful to be a part of it. But then they're like, 'no you're one of the cover girls,' Williams explained. "When you spend your life working to trailblaze and open doors and make a difference and it finally happens it's like, wow!"

Inclusion is the name of the game at Sports Illustrated. Many of the cover models sang the praises of MJ Day, the magazine's editor-in-chief, for seeing the beauty in diversity.

"When I was on it, I was the breakthrough of diversity you know, to be the first black woman and I think we can't forget that was a big deal at the time," said Tyra Banks. "I think Sports Illustrated was doing it before it was a thing."

Hunter McGrady added, "Listen if you can see it you can be it. MJ, the editor-in-chief of Sports Illustrated is doing it right."

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue is out now. Click here for more.