'It's a lucky store': 3 Powerball tickets worth $449k sold in Bay Area, including South Bay 7-Eleven

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Thursday, July 20, 2023
3 Powerball tickets worth $449k sold in Bay Area
Three winning Powerball tickets worth $449,000 were sold in the Bay Area ahead of Wednesday's drawing.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KGO) -- When it comes to the lotto, Lady Luck just might live in the South Bay, known to frequent a Franklin Street 7-Eleven in Santa Clara.

Store manager Gurdeep Chohan told ABC7 News, "Yes, we are lucky. And it's a lucky store."

Signs celebrated previous winners of smaller jackpots, including someone who won $5,000 through Scratcher, and another who won $2,916 playing Daily 4.

"I know someone who won $750k on scratcher here," Chohan said.

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The California Lottery website confirmed a ticket purchased at the 7-Eleven matched all five numbers, minus the Powerball.

The Franklin Street location is one of three in the Bay Area to meet that winning mark.

In San Francisco's Excelsior District, a winning ticket was sold at 4950 Mission Street. In Hayward, another ticket matching all five numbers was sold at Steve's Liquors at 583 W Tennyson Road.

According to the California Lottery website, the total takeaway is $448,750.

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"That sucks," Tim Casarez told ABC7 News. He didn't purchase a Powerball ticket ahead of Wednesday night's drawing. "My shop's just down the street. I don't know why I didn't buy one."

With his Powerball ticket in hand, Daniel Theodosis said, "This is not the ticket, but this could've been."

"I thought I was gonna win today, but you know," George Grover said.

That big billion dollar jackpot winner was instead someone who purchased a ticket in Los Angeles, at the Las Palmitas Mini Market at 1205 Wall Street.

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However, back here at home, all hope is not lost.

"It's that simple for me. If I only bought one ticket. That's what I'm gonna do," Grover said. "But I'm gonna play because I'm gonna win. One day I'm gonna win."

He proclaimed his confidence in the possibility of a big cash out, which is somewhat of a common occurrence in the South Bay.

In years past, ABC7 News has covered several lucky locations around the region where overnight millionaires were made.

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"Just the way the computer throws it," Casarez said about the South Bay's lotto winnings.

Grover said, "There's a lot of brain in the Bay Area. There's a lot of brain in this Bay Area."

Whether it's brain power or blind luck, Friday's $720 million Mega Millions jackpot is now top of mind for those looking to win big.

"For sure, I'm probably gonna walk in there right now and play again right now," Theodosis told ABC7 News. "You know, it's just -- it's almost like a sport."

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