Local cannabis dispensary employee thrilled Proposition 64 passed

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Of all the propositions, it's marijuana that's getting the most attention.

"California was the first state in the US to make cannabis illegal. That was way back in 1912," Harborside dispensary executive director Steve DeAngelo said.

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Deangelo's made it his life's work to change that. "So for me this is kind of like running a 42-year-marathon and winning the race, feels really good," he said.

DeAngelo runs the Harborside dispensary, the biggest in the state. Until now, they've only sold to patients with a doctor's note.

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But now, Proposition 64 gives the green light to ordinary adults who just want to buy some pot.

Though it's immediately legal to grow your own plants or possess up to an ounce, the problem is where to get it.

Medical dispensaries can't sell without a doctor's note until January 2018 unless the legislature decides to make it sooner.

Once that happens, Harborside will serve everyone.

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