City council passes measure to 'keep Oakland safe from President Trump's federal agents'

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Wednesday, July 29, 2020
Oakland votes to block federal agents
On Tuesday night, the Oakland City Council took up and unanimously passed a measure to "keep Oakland safe from President Trump's federal agents."

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- On Tuesday night, the Oakland City Council took up and unanimously passed a measure to "keep Oakland safe from President Trump's federal agents."

This comes just days after several people were arrested, a store owner attacked, and several people assaulted in Oakland during protests against federal agents and in favor of police reform.

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In Portland, Oregon, we've seen federal agents used against protesters. President Trump has threatened to send similar agents to Oakland to protect federal buildings and, on Tuesday, Oakland's city council passed that measure vowing to fight it in court if it comes to it.

The measure comes three days after thousands took to the streets of downtown Oakland in a rally against federal agents and for police reform. A rally that started peacefully but turned violent as the sheriff's office says a business owner was beaten with a baseball bat and a fire was set inside the Alameda County Courthouse causing $200,000 in damage.

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It was a night where we saw the Fremont Police Department choose not to give mutual aid due to a restraining order that prevents the use of tear gas on protesters and other crowds in Oakland.

The sheriff's office said that many departments are concerned about their officers' safety.

Fremont PD said, "With one days' notice, we did not have enough time to fully understand the implications of the court order or provide proper training for our employees."

The Alameda County Sheriff's Office said that, even with that order in place, they will use the tools they have for crowd management when needed, but they also said that they are in support of a measure against any federal assistance in the form of agents.

Oakland City Council members are also against using any help from the feds. One city council member said, "I think every American should be deeply concerned about that news reports about Americans being disappeared." Another said, "That won't quell or suppress a riot or something like that it would actually incite one, so it's for everybody's benefit for this not to happen.

The Oakland City Council did also pass a measure to create a Reimagining Public Safety Task Force with a goal defunding $150 million of money that would instead go to non-police programs for public safety.

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