Protest against police brutality held in San Francisco

Saturday, December 27, 2014
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A peaceful protest took place in San Francisco's Union Square Friday as shoppers were trying to cash-in on post-holiday sales.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A peaceful protest took place in San Francisco's Union Square Friday as shoppers were trying to cash-in on post-holiday sales.

Union Square is no stranger to holiday protesting. As it turned out, anticipation of the event turned out to be bigger than the event itself as opponents of White Supremacy took on Christmas cheer.

Some people were out shopping and others took part in a demonstration against police brutality.

According to a small group of demonstrators, you needed to be educated and reminded.

"Yes, yes, a huge point of this movement is to disrupt," Simon Mont said.

"Because racist violence really bothers me," one woman said.

The demonstration in reaction to police violence against African Americans was peaceful and destructive only of the Christmas cheer among those who came her expecting anything other than a protest.

A woman ABC7 News spoke with said this is not the time for it and another woman said "Christmas should be sacred."

It wasn't a long or massive rally, but long and massive enough to draw news helicopters, attract police and attention to their national movement.

"There is genocide happening in this country and it doesn't feel right to celebrate Christmas when I know that there's so many black mothers and fathers that don't have their kids with them for Christmas this year," Nichole Deane said.

The message was delivered, though we must say to a sosomewhat unreceptive audience

One woman ABC7 News spoke with said a cause and Christmas cant' really coexist.

For full coverage on the recent protests against police brutality, click here.


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