Yountville veterans demand tighter security after shooting

YOUNTVILLE, Calif. (KGO) -- Yountville veterans are calling for more safety and security measures as healing continues from the deadly shooting that happened at the veterans center.

It's no secret guards at Yountville's Veteran's Home are not armed.

They have pepper spray and batons.

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Jim Thomas is a veteran living on site. He's also a member of Yountville Veterans Group. He says, "With no security, no gate guard, no fencing, anyone can come in 24/7 and do some pretty nasty things if they really wanted to."

Thomas and others are demanding more be done after Friday's deadly shooting.

A former patient at Pathway Home, a center for vets suffering from PTSD, killed three staffers before killing himself.

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James Musson is also with Yountville Veterans Group and says, "Saturday morning there should have been public safety officers at the entry with barriers up."

The entrance is wide open.

The veterans asked Cal Vet - the agency which runs the home, to do more.

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Here is the response Cal Vet gave us quote,"The safety and well being of residents and staff is Cal Vet's highest priority and security will continue to be part of our ongoing discussions."

Meantime, the investigation into Friday's shootings is being led by California Highway Patrol. The memorial for the 3 victims will take place Monday March 19.
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