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Wednesday, May 12, 2021
Visit the Legendary Global Community of Queens, New York
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From a sumo wrestler taking on opponents twice her side to a woman who makes art out of dirty driveways with her power washer, these legends are loved by Localish audiences around the globe. But only one can win!

NEW YORK -- Queens, New York is one of NYC's largest boroughs and as one of its most densely populated, there is more going on here than most whole cities. But what makes Queens truly legendary is just how global it is.

With thousands of different restaurants, shops, and people from all over the world, Queens is the most ethnically diverse urban areas on the planet. And just like our Legends, the people who call Queens home take a certain pride in being a part of that global community.

On this week's episode, we're featuring a sumo wrestler taking on opponents twice her size, an eco-artist using mother nature to create his environmentally-friendly art, a sign spinner busting a move to make people smile, a power washer turning dirty driveways into masterpieces, and a designer making magical Disney-themed costumes for his family.

While all legendary in their own way, only one can win.

Click the link and watch the video of your favorite Legend below to vote. The more views, the greater the chance they have of winning!

Sumo Wrestler Takes On Opponents Twice Her Size to Challenge the Status Quo

Sumo wrestling has historically been an all-male sport. Now, this woman is breaking down barriers to get herself and others a place in the ring.

Wholesome Power Washing Artist Turns Dirty Driveways Into Art

This woman went viral after posting photos online of what she had done to her driveway; tired of washing the entire thing, she decided to make art out of the dirt instead.

Professional Sign Spinning Acrobat Bring Smiles and Flair to the New Sport

Ever seen a sign spinner on the side of the road? Professional sign spinner Elijah Scholz shows us why this sport is more involved than you'd think!

Eco-Artist Makes a Statement About Climate Change with Surreal Environmentally Friendly Art

Whether it's a mural that will help a coral reef grow or a mural that changes perspective when the tide rises to bring awareness to climate change, eco-artist Sean "Hula" Yoro is trying to make a difference through his art.

Designer Daddy Crafts Secretly Magical Disney-Themed Outfits for His Whole Family

Nephi Garcia is a talented fashion designer, but what he truly loves to do is make custom, transformable costumes for his kids!


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