Rain brings down tree, causes flooding in San Francisco

Thursday, October 21, 2021
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This week's much need soaking brought along some problems. There was flooding and a tree came down.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- This week's much need soaking brought along some problems. In San Francisco, there was flooding and a tree came down.

On the highways, there was steady rain from Marin to the East Bay before and after the sun came up.

Rain after a long break quickly shows you where storm drains are clogged like here at Divisidero and Hayes in San Francisco. It also exposes how vulnerable top heavy Ficus trees are. A 45-foot-tall tree came down on Sutter Street in San Francisco between California and Webster.

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"I was looking at the TV, and we heard a crash and we thought it was a bus that crashed. But it was a big ole tree that came from over there and landed on some cars," said Derussa Floyd, a San Francisco resident.

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"Ficus trees have been on our radar when they were planted 45 to 60 years ago. We did not know that this would be happen," said Rachel Gordon, spokesperson with the Department of Public Works.

"They are a beautiful tree with an incredible canopy, but when they get to be this age, their size and how they grow with a different trunk and branch structure, it does make them more vulnerable to falling."

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City crews are responding to Thursday's issues, but also bracing for more this weekend.

"We're really on high alert right now to respond to any problems," Gordon said.