Residents concerned over dirt bikers in San Francisco's Lower Haight area

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- There's new video of dirt bikers using a staircase at the Alchemy by Alta apartment complex in San Francisco's Lower Haight neighborhood.

A Lieutenant with SFPD's Northern Station stopped by a neighborhood meeting to talk with concerned residents and answer their questions. "It's a concern, we've started seeing them probably in the last six months or so," Lower Haight resident Robert Johnstone said.

Lower Haight residents like Johnstone shared their concerns at the Lower Haight Merchants and Neighbors Association meeting. "We've been aware of the problem for a very long time," San Francisco Police Department Lt. Michael Nelson said.

Nelson who is with SFPD's Northern Station attended the meeting. "I sympathize with the public I really do," Nelson said.

Law enforcement is attempting to catch these dirt bikers at their start or end point.

Chasing them through San Francisco is not an option. "Our policies are very restrictive and it's for a good reason, it's for public safety," Nelson said.

"I do have confidence that the police can deal with it by moving slowly and trying to identify people," Johnstone said.

Though it may be difficult to identify individual dirt bikers in the video, police say pictures and videos are helpful. Though law enforcement advises residents to keep their distance and instead zoom in. If there's an immediate danger, call 911. "Please do not, do not approach these guys," Nelson said.

He adds holding these dirt bikers accountable is a work in progress.
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