Video shows extreme road rage on Texas Freeway

Saturday, July 1, 2017
Video shows extreme road rage on Texas freeway
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Video shows a heated situation between the driver of what appears to be a contractor vehicle and a man driving a pickup on a Texas freeway.

HOUSTON -- Josh Wilson couldn't believe what he saw, as two men had it out on a Gulf Freeway feeder ramp on Friday afternoon.

Wilson said he and his family had just finished eating lunch when he noticed the driver of a pickup truck and the driver of a big rig cutting each other off. He said it only escalated from there, when the two stopped and parked on the on-ramp of the Gulf Freeway inbound at Boardwalk.

"The 18-wheeler just cut around him to get on the freeway. I mean just had a sliver of space, cut in front of him and that's when we saw him get out of the truck," said Josh Wilson.

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After that the situation escalated. Josh was a passenger in the car right behind the two trucks, who stopped on the on-ramp. He recorded video the heated situation.

In the video, you see the two drivers exchanging a few words by the driver's side door of the big rig. Then the driver of the big rig grabs an object and raises his arms walking toward the other driver.

After that, the video shows the driver of the pickup walking to the bed of truck to get a shovel.

He then carries the shovel back to where the other driver is standing. After that, more words are exchanged. Immediately after, the driver of the big rig got back in his truck and drove off.

Police say don't ever let these situations escalate. You could end up facing assault charges and spending time behind bars. Wilson agrees, especially after seeing the situation escalate so quickly on Friday.

"We just all need to be aware of our surroundings and just take a chill pill from time to time you know. It's not worth getting out of the car and possibly losing your life over," said Wilson.