Bay Area road rage victim grateful to be alive after unprovoked I-280 shooting, daughter says

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Friday, September 8, 2023
Bay Area road rage shooting victim grateful to be alive, daughter says
A South San Francisco man is recovering at home after being shot on I-280 in what the CHP is calling a road rage shooting.

BURLINGAME, Calif. (KGO) -- A South San Francisco man is recovering at home after being shot in what the CHP is calling a road rage shooting.

CHP investigators say it happened Tuesday evening around 6:30 near the 380 and 280 interchange in San Bruno.

The victim's daughter, Amandalyn Rapues, said her father is grateful and thankful to be alive.

Amandalyn along with her aunt Jenna Rapues described what happened when he merged onto 280 South.

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A man was injured after being shot in an apparent road rage incident near Interstate 280 in San Bruno Tuesday evening, the CHP said.

"He was driving on the 380 West merging onto 280 South when this car just sped up behind him, it was unprovoked he was just driving like on his way to home," Amandalyn Rapues said. "And then this car just sped up behind him and was like tailgating him, my dad tried to move to the other lane to try to just avoid him but this car continued to follow him."

Amandalyn Rapues said the car continued to follow her dad until he tried to exit off Crystal Springs.

He told her that's when the suspect drove on his left side and fired a gun out the passenger window.

"He heard the pop, pop, pop, and then that's when he saw the window shatter on his car but he did now know he was hit," Amandalyn Rapues said. "There was a bullet that entered and exited his left shoulder and then it grazed the back of his head."

They're grateful he survived - but are still processing what happened.

"So immensely grateful right because as Amanda said he was grazed on the head - an inch closer to that would've struck his head and his brain potentially killing him," Jenna Rapues said.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Driver opens fire on another driver at Oakland intersection

A man is speaking out against the police response after dashcam video shows he was shot at by another driver in an Oakland intersection.

Investigators are still searching for the driver who opened fire.

They don't have information on the suspect that they can publicly disclose, but they ask drivers who may have seen the shooting to call their tip line, 707-917-4491.

The victim's family says a road rage incident can happen to anyone.

"You don't know what's going on in their head, you don't know what they could have I mean it could be the finger or they could have an actual gun to pull on you," Amandalyn Rapues said.

"There really isn't anything that you can do besides just let it go in the moment, and really think about your safety," Jenna Rapues said.

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