VIDEO: Watch creepy wolf robot scare off wild bear in Japanese farm town

TOYKO (KGO) -- No, it's is not a leftover Halloween decoration - it's a guardian wolf robot!

Some Japanese towns have now resorted to using a "robot wolf" to scare away bears that have become a problem in the countryside. They are calling it "Monster Wolf".

Its eyes are made with flashing lights and it appears to be working.

Video shows bears running away after seeing the monster wolf.

Takikawa city officials tell Reuters that wild bears become more active and dangerous as they search for food before going into hibernation in late November. A decrease of acorns and nuts in the wild this year may have driven the animals to venture closer to towns in search of sustenance, according to local media.

The robot, which is programmed with more than 60 different types of sound, will move its head, make noise, and beam flashy lights when it detects animals nearby.
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