Jewelry maker to the royal family shares secrets

SONOMA, Calif. (KGO) -- Imagine meeting the Queen of England? Few have. Now envision designing some of her jewelry. One of the top British jewelry makers was at Gloria Ferrer's winery in Sonoma Friday and shared some inside information about the royals.

Elizabeth Galton is in the Bay Area to attend a Christmas party for Silicon Valley billionaire Mike Maples and his wife Julie.

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"So they were married about a month ago and I created the wedding ring," said Galton.

The price paid? Undisclosed.

It's her jewelry created for the Royal Family that has gotten her worldwide attention, most recently a crystal and gold brooch for Queen Elizabeth.

"I didn't put it on her, it's very much an etiquette involved which you are not allowed to touch a member of the Royal Family, but we did present it to her along with the craftsman that had created it," explained Galton.

Galton has also designed pieces for Kate Middleton.

"Kate is very beautiful, obviously very accomplished," she said.

But we wanted some gossip, so we asked her to reveal who was a royal "bleep."

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"I would say that Prince George is definitely, he has a mischievous quality," she's referring to the eldest son of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

And what about his younger sister, Princess Charlotte?

"Definitely daddy's girl," she said.

And is there a royal rift between Kate and Meghan Markle?

"She is a divorcee like Wally Simpson, obviously there will be parallels drawn there," she added.

Wallace Simpson was a divorced American socialite. She intended to marry King Edward VIII but he abdicated the throne in order to marry Simpson.

That's about as much as Galton was going to dish out.

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Oh, to have an opulent lifestyle-- simply enchanting.

You can check out Galton's website here.
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