Russian River expected to crest even higher

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017
Russian River expected to crest even higher
The latest round of rain to hit the Bay Area is expected to make the Russian River crest even higher.

GUERNEVILLE, Calif. (KGO) -- The latest round of rain to hit the Bay Area is expected to make the Russian River crest even higher. The rising levels in the river have flooded homes and triggered evacuations for dozens.

The Russian River and the creeks around it are getting a lot of attention right now. People in Guerneville are out and about this morning, residents and firefighters-all of them monitoring the situation as the rain keeps coming.

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"I was checking the level right here because I checked it yesterday and I wanted to see if it has dropped so I can see if it can take all the rain from last night, and it looks good, it dropped a bunch," said David Granahan, Guerneville resident.

Granahan said yesterday, the water came up to this white mailbox. But the street is still covered with water and more rain is coming. ABC7 News tried to get a sense of what the mood is in town as people go through the ups and downs of living next to this river.

"I think everyone is pretty accustomed to this kind of storm and it's going reach that point it doesn't do a lot of damage. I am just taking the day off driving around checking things out," said Jonathon Straub, Guerneville resident.

Officials estimate that 500 homes are dealing with some kind of water damage. It is mostly garages and basements, living areas are built up high in this area. A huge mudslide on Santa Rosa Avenue last night came dangerously close to homes. Authorities are worried trees could fall in this area and are advising people to stay away. The river is expected to crest again tomorrow, but some residents are already looking ahead to summer and what this will mean for Guerneville.

"In this area all tourism is based on this river to me a good flow, wash it out keep it busy all summer," said Straub.

Officials expect the river to rise even more through the week.

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Flooded homes are seen on Monday, January 9, 2017 near the Russian River in Guerneville, Calif. after a storm.

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