Salesforce Transit Center in SF to reopen July 1, but there's a catch

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019
Salesforce Transbay Center to reopen July 1
After eight months of repairs and professional reviews the Salesforce Transbay Center in San Francisco is schedule to reopen its doors on July 1st, but there will be no bus service.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KGO) -- After eight months of repairs and professional reviews, the Salesforce Transit Center in San Francisco is schedule to reopen its doors on July 1, but there will be no bus service.

"We had to remove ceiling panels while inspecting the facility and we need time to put them back to let operators use the bus plaza," said Mark Zabaneh, Transbay Joint Powers Authority Executive Director.

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In a statement, TJPA said:

"Muni and Golden Gate Transit will provide bus service from the street level bus plaza in early July. AC Transit's 26 Transbay bus lines, Greyhound and Westcat Lynx anticipate service from the bus deck to resume in late summer 2019 following operator training and rider notice."

The rooftop park, the Grand Hall and public art installations will be available on July 1.

But why has this taken so long?

"We found two cracks and since then, we've repaired these two girders and reinforced similar designed girders on First Street that were not cracked," said Zabaneh.

On Sept. 25, 2018 two cracked beams forced the new center to close its doors.

"It's a shame that they spend all that time and money to build it, only to have it close a week or 10 days or whatever it was after they opened it," said Castro Valley resident Janice Crume.

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The Salesforce Transit Center shut down a little more than six weeks after it opened.

The reopening news is so fresh that even the signs outside the Temporary Transbay Terminal still say the Transit Center is closed.

Scott Boule, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, said they performed an intense inspection of the center.

"'Is the building 100 percent safe?' Yes, it's 100 percent safe and it's been reviewed, and looked at probably more than any other building in the city," said Boule.

The Transit Center now has several sensors to measure the building as it flexes and buses use it.

"The peer review panel international experts of metallurgy and constructions just signed off on the letter last night at 7 p.m. They just got the last bit of date from the Transbay terminal but they have been working closely with them since October," said Boule.

Tony Plasencia uses public transit every day and is skeptical about the announcement.

"I think it's pretty ridiculous. I think one of the biggest problems in San Francisco is the transit system and it's delayed and it continues to be delayed," said Plasencia.

TJPA said they're working towards having the Salesforce Transit Center up and running in its entirety by early to mid July.