Talking fitness, football and 49ers fans with the 'G.O.A.T' Jerry Rice

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Thursday, January 23, 2020

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- Tuesday night brought a meet and greet with plenty of grit at 49ers Fit in San Jose.

49ers legend and Pro Football Hall of Famer Jerry Rice joined 49 of the Faithful for a group workout.

Post-workout, Rice took some time to talk with ABC7 News about the team.

"They're brick by brick," he described. "They play as one, and no one is more important than the team. I think that's why they've had so much success this year."

The team is less than two weeks from Super Bowl LIV at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. It's a place where Rice won two Super Bowl titles himself, with the 49ers.

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He said a big part of any victory, is the fans.

"I think just by their energy. Just like against the Packers," he said. "To feel the energy in the stadium- it got me all fired up because I sprinted 100 yards!"

It's a responsibility Leeanna Nguyen takes very seriously. Nguyen was one of the first 49 people to purchase Rice's new book, America's Game: The NFL at 100.

Her purchase solidified her a spot in the group workout.

Nguyen said she's a lifelong fan of the red and gold.

"No matter win or lose, we're always there to support," she told ABC7 News. "So it's gold rush forever."

It's the energy that Rice hopes remains.

Fans said they intend to bring their winning spirit and support to the Super Bowl.

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"Keep fighting, we're right behind you," Ed DaSilva said in his message to the 49ers. "We love you and we want to see you win another one."

Susie Soares Phillips said she's, "Ready for the Super Bowl! They will win... that's what we're cheering for."

You'll remember, Rice also played a few seasons with the then-Oakland Raiders.

When asked whether he thought Raiders fans might make the transition to the red and gold, he said, "They're going to stay loyal. They're going to go to Las Vegas. They're going to follow their team, and I think they have the right coach with Jon Gruden... it might be just a matter of time."

ABC7 News asked Rice what advice he'd give the 49ers ahead of Super Bowl LIV. He offered something extremely practical.

"You try to get rid of everything, all the distractions," he said. "The tickets, your family and stuff like that, you try to get that all situated now."

He said that way, the team can focus on winning.

"What they've accomplished this year, it's just been amazing," Rice added. "But I'm sure they want to finish it by winning the super bowl."

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