Some 49ers fans could have to pay double for season tickets starting with 2024 season

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Friday, December 8, 2023
Some 49ers fans could have to pay double for season tickets in 2024
Some San Francisco 49ers fans could see the season tickets double for the 2024 season and could lose them if they don't agree to the price hike.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KGO) -- As the San Francisco 49ers continue their successful season, individual game ticket prices are going up. But many fans are learning their season tickets for next year are on the rise as well.

For fans who sit in eight sections of Levi's Stadium, the price of their tickets is more than doubling.

Hundreds of season ticket holders are now faced with the reality of paying thousands of dollars more for season tickets or possibly losing the seats they have held for years.

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"You know, I'm faithful towards the team, the team has nothing to do with this, right," season ticket holder Brian Haight said. "It's really the management of the team that's failing us."

ABC7 News spoke with three fans and received emails from others who got word from the 49ers Membership Service team that seats in sections 232-235 and 243-246 at Levi's Stadium are now designated as preferred seats.

With that change came a price hike that shocked them all.

Brian Haight is a 20-year season ticket holder.

"Last year it went up to $4,500 for the two tickets and then $9,300 next year for the two tickets," Haight said."

Elizabeth Lent has had season tickets in her family name for 50 years and sits in section 252.

"We pay approximately $4,000 a year for our tickets and next year it will be closer to $9,000 or $10,000," Lent said.

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Raymond Reynolds in section 233 has had family season tickets since Kezar Stadium. His prices went from $9,000 for four seats to $20,000 in 2024.

"But they're not moving our seats," Reynolds said. "The people that sit in the club seats, they pay $20,000 to sit there and they're on the 30, 40, 50-yard line. And we're in the endzone. So it's like, what am I getting?"

A Levi's Stadium spokesperson told us the ticketholders are getting additional benefits including access to an indoor club space and these benefits are reflected in the price increase.

The spokesperson also told us that the organization is in communication with the season ticket holders, although the fans we spoke with say they have gotten little response.

As of now, if the fans refuse to pay the increased prices, they'll lose their tickets.

But just like they are faithful to the team, they remain faithful, and a resolution is possible.

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"I have faith that the 49ers are going to try to make this right," Lent said. "Maybe I'm foolish, I know it's a corporation, but you just can't believe that you're season ticket holders for 40 years and this is how it ends."

The deadline to start paying monthly installments on the tickets was Nov. 30 and a full invoice deadline looms in February.

But at this time, these fans say they need more answers before they are willing to pay.

There is a fan relocation program that happens in the summer after other season ticket holders opt out of their seats.

They are awarded in a lottery, so the fans aren't sure if that will be a valid option for them until they are able to talk with ticket reps at the stadium.

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