'Use it as toilet paper': 49ers fan ends up with Seahawks jersey in mix-up ahead of rival game

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Thursday, December 7, 2023
49ers fans get Seahawks jerseys sent to them in Fanatics mix-up
Some San Francisco 49ers fans say they are receiving a Seattle Seahawks jersey from Fanatics in the mail, instead of a Niners one.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- We are just days away from the San Francisco 49ers taking on their rival Seattle Seahawks.

A couple of fans got quite a surprise though when they ordered a Niners jersey and something far from that showed up.

Matt Quinn and Paul Kemp are two lifelong football buddies. Kemp ordered Quinn, who is a die-hard 49ers fan, a custom-made 195-dollar Niners jersey from Fanatics for his early Christmas present.

"So it finally comes, I get to work and then it's there at my desk and I open it, I'm pretty excited. I'm like alright, cool so I open it up and I'm like okay and I'm expecting it to be scarlet red and this is what I'm looking at okay. This is exactly what I'm looking at," said Kemp as he held up a Seattle Seahawks jersey.

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The Seattle Seahawks are one of the 49ers' main rivals and the team they happen to be playing on Sunday.

"I think the reason I laugh is because if you're a die-hard Niners fan you wouldn't be caught dead with a jersey like that," said ABC7 News Reporter J.R. Stone.

"Oh yeah he told me, 'Send it to me I'm going to use it as toilet paper!'" responded Kemp.

"I probably have a collection of 75 jerseys, I've never had a Seahawks jersey sent to me," said Quinn. "First time ever getting a custom Seahawks jersey, biggest trolling you could possibly do in history basically. For any 49ers fan that's about the worst thing you could send them!"

Even the label on the package said "San Francisco 49ers Mens Team Color Scarlet," yet there was a Seahawks jersey.

Quinn posted about what happened on social media and other 49ers fans came forward, along with Rams fans saying they have received unwanted Seahawks jerseys too.

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A Fanatics representative issued this statement:

"This fan had his jersey accidentally switched with a different customized jersey during packaging at our warehouse. Once we learned of the issue, we immediately reached out to the fan to make this right and will ensure he gets the correct product ASAP."

Quinn and Kemp are now left wondering if there is a Seahawks fan at the warehouse or if this truly was a mistake.

The Seahawks jersey was shipped from a warehouse in Las Vegas but Quinn says he was initially curious if it was being shipped from Seattle, or if Fanatics is based there, which it is not.

"I was wondering if it was a Pac-Northwest company myself. My uncle that lives in Seattle laughed his ass off about it so. He got a kick out of it. Pretty much all my friends were like we know you ordered this as a joke, knowing I'm a die-hard Niners fan," said Quinn.

Fanatics, who initially told Kemp they would send him a free return shipping label, ended up fully refunding the jersey a day after we reached out to them about this. Kemp then ordered another jersey for Quinn on 49ers.com, which he later learned is run by Fanatics.

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