Former 49er Ray McDonald accused of domestic violence makes bail

ByDavid Louie and Lilian Kim KGO logo
Monday, May 25, 2015
McDonald accused of domestic violence makes bail
Former 49er Ray McDonald was arrested, his third arrest since August, on charges of assaulting a woman who was holding a baby.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KGO) -- Former 49er Ray McDonald was arrested again Monday morning, his third arrest since August. This time, though, he was arrested for assaulting a woman who was holding a baby.

McDonald emerged from the Santa Clara County Jail after posting bail. Deputies released him from a side entrance, but the former 49er couldn't escape the cameras as he waited for his cab.

Santa Clara police said the incident took place at his home at the Carlyle. A 911 call came in from a woman saying her daughter had been assaulted.

"She just received a call from her daughter, advising that her boyfriend, Ray McDonald, was being violent. She locked herself in her bedroom, that he broke the door down," said the police dispatcher.

"I can't go too much into that assault, but what I can say while the victim was being assaulted she was holding a small child, an infant," said Santa Clara police Lt. Kurt Clarke.

McDonald was arrested twice before in recent months, on suspicion of domestic violence involving his then pregnant fiance and for sexual assault of a woman he met at a bar.

Reaction from his neighbors is mixed.

"I guess three arrests in the last year or something like that? Yeah, pretty bad," said Drakos McGuire, a neighbor.

"He's not guilty yet," said Ryan Donnelly, a neighbor. "It's something to look into, so I would just say whatever the courts decide."

The Chicago Bears aren't willing to wait for the justice system to play itself out. They released him from the team soon after his arrest.