Video captures rash of break-ins, theft at San Jose small business

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Friday, October 7, 2022
Video captures rash of break-ins, theft at SJ small business
After not having any issues for first 13 years of business, Batteries + Bulbs in San Jose has been dealing with multiple break-ins over past year.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- After not having any issues for the first 13 years of business, Batteries + Bulbs on Stevens Creek Boulevard in San Jose has been dealing with multiple break-ins over the past year.

The store prides itself on keeping customers charged and ready. But after a rash of break-ins and crimes, this store that specializes in power is finding it hard to keep the lights on.

"We need to make sure that our staff is safe and our customers are safe," Batteries + Bulbs Franchise Owner Neill Dorward said. "And if we can't assure that, then what's the point of continuing on?"

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Surveillance footage shows a few major incidents the store has dealt with since last November.

The front of the store has been shot out by a pellet gun and smashed by a rock as someone ran in to steal from the register.

At the back of the store, groups have broken in multiple times.

"So it started in June when we discovered that our gate had been clipped," Dorward told us as he pointed out his back fence. "And then in July, this is where they came in and took some batteries of ours. Finally, they went for the entrance. This happened over a period of two months and they came back about ten times."

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All incidents led to thousands of dollars in damage and product losses.

"Up to that time for the first 13 years, we've had no incidents and just in this last year, there's been that increase in vandalism and crime that's affected our store," Dorward said.

Now, it's not just Batteries and Bulbs, other businesses on Stevens Creek Boulevard have reported an uptick in break-ins over the last year, including just up the road at Santana Row and Valley Fair Mall.

Dorward says he stays positive thanks to his loyal customers.

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But the crimes have made him become more aware and he advises other small business owners to do the same.

"Be aware that there are a lot of challenges in our community and do the best you can to keep your staff and your customers stay safe," Dorward said. "That's most important."

This is especially true with the holiday season approaching once again.

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