Unlikely duo: BART and Salvation Army teaming up this holiday season to help the homeless

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- ABC7 News is on a mission for building a better Bay Area. We're highlighting help and solutions to tough issues like homelessness. This holiday season, BART is teaming up with an unlikely partner to offer a helping hand.

Salvation Army red kettle bell ringers, haven't been allowed to collect donations inside BART stations, ever-- until now.


"BART and the Salvation Army partnering, makes a lot of sense," said BART rider Steve Buckley.

The longtime charity is teaming up with BART this holiday season to help the homeless. All 48 stations are going to have red kettles and bell ringers.

BART's Board President Bevan Dufty acknowledges what many riders already know. Homelessness is a huge issue on BART trains and in stations. ABC7 News has shown you the very real images up close. But contributions from the public may help.

"The money you give is going to be spent on people we encounter in the system to be housed or given drug treatment," said BART Board President Bevan Dufty.

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The Salvation Army will spend the money in the county where it's collected.

Homeless advocate Jennifer Friedenbach praises the new, kinder move from BART.

"In the past, BART has had a police response to homelessness, but having outreach workers trying to think of a more effective response is positive," said Friedenbach with San Francisco's Coalition on Homelessness.

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