Mask Up! New face covering rules take effect in San Francisco, kids now included

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- As San Francisco sees a surge in new novel coronavirus cases and hospitalizations, new rules are taking effect about when and where we should be wearing face coverings in public.

David Guccione was giving out samples of Kombucha in Dolores Park Saturday, you could get a free bottle, as long as you were wearing a mask.

"To me, it makes perfect sense, the more people in masks, safer we can be," Guccione said.

Signs reminding people to wear masks are everywhere in the park but not everybody was playing by the rules.

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Holly Kappadahl from San Ramon is spending the day with daughter Aryiah at Dolores Park. New rules from the San Francisco Department of Public Health now require kids 10 years and up to wear a mask in public.

Arayiah is 7 but mom isn't taking chances.

"I would still keep her wearing one even though she's under 10 until this is cleared up and away," said Kappadahl.

Mill Valley Pediatrician Doctor Lisa Dana says kids are at risk.

"I think we need to be careful about transmission children can transmit it even if they have no symptoms," said Dana.

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The health order requires face coverings to be worn on sidewalks, in parks, and for all food service workers and in common areas like an elevator, even if you're alone.

Dr. Grant Colfax said in a statement, "Substantial scientific evidence shows that when combined with physical distancing and other health and safety practices, face coverings significantly reduce the chance of COVID19 spreading in the community."

Registered nurse Francisca Pinkney knows how important face coverings really are.

"I take care of COVID-19 patients, I'm required to wear a mask and face shield when I'm out I do the same thing," Pinkney said.

According to the health order, if you have a medical exemption preventing you from wearing a mask, you must have a doctor's note to prove it.

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