SJ mass shooting: Witness says gunman targeted those he worked directly with at VTA

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- While stories emerge of the moody angry personality of alleged gunman Sam Cassidy, one coworker who witnesses the attack says he saw only the nice side of Cassidy.

Kirk Bertolet spoke with ABC7 News I-team reporter Dan Noyes on Wednesday, but Thursday on ABC7 News Getting Answers, he described in more detail a different side of the suspected gunman.

Bertolet says Cassidy would not have hurt him, as they had a cordial but if not close relationship. He says that was reflected in the way Cassidy picked his victims. It was deliberate, and he targeted those he worked with. Bertolet says he saw Cassidy passing up some people and firing at others.

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Bertolet told the I-team that this is a story about how VTA treats its employees and how employees treat each other. When pressed on that point, Bertolet claims VTA has a disparaging culture. He points to an example in which managers prevented employees from implementing safety procedures. He says Cassidy's unit wanted to get certain boards used to block traffic for driver safety, and that was denied. He also mentions complaints about Cassidy were not relayed to employees and that opportunities were missed to possibly prevent the tragedy.

Bertolet says he will miss victim Timothy Romo.

Bertolet says he wishes he had his firearms at work, as he would have stopped the alleged gunman and saved lives. That is a controversial point as many experts believe a widespread carrying of guns leads to more violence.

Watch the full interview in the video player above.

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