Business booms for San Jose pie shop after Tesla unexpectedly cancels order

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Sunday, February 25, 2024
Business booms for SJ pie shop after Tesla unexpectedly cancels order
The community is giving back to The Giving Pies in San Jose after Tesla canceled its order that was worth more than $2,000.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- The community is giving back to The Giving Pies.

On Saturday a line of customers stretched out the door.

San Jose resident Vickie Ngui wanted to show her support.

"I felt bad that she lost a lot of money. So I just want her to know that we as a community we will help her out where we can," Ngui said.

News spread about what happened on Valentine's Day.

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The owner of San Jose's The Giving Pies says she's taken a big hit after Tesla placed an order worth thousands of dollars then canceled unexpectedly.

Voahangy Rasetarinera, said Tesla placed an order of 2,000 mini pies.

A couple days later the Tesla employee doubled the order.

Rasetarinera said she bought ingredients and turned down other orders. When she reached out about payment for the invoice- she received a crushing text message that Tesla decided to cancel the order.

San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan and former Mayor Sam Liccardo wanted to rally behind the small business and were pleased so many others did as well.

"It was heartbreaking you know hear about these entrepreneurs, small business owners who have made it through the pandemic who just struggle to get by every month doing something that they love," Mahan said.

Mahan was pleased so many community members came out.

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"I was really overjoyed to get here and see a line out the door and into the parking lot there's a ton of community support. This is what San Jose is all about," Mahan said.

Rasetarinera was overwhelmed to see the large turnout, but grateful none the less.

"The amount of support that we have received it's beyond like I didn't even expect it," Rasetarinera said.

People from around the Bay Area- even as far as Manteca are buying pies.

And news has spread around the world.

"This morning I look at my PayPal and I have somebody from Netherlands $4. Yeah. I'm like that's amazing," Rasetarinera said.

On Friday, Elon Musk posted on X that he will 'make things good with the bakery.' And that 'people should always be able to count on Tesla trying its best.'

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk saidon X that he'll "make things good" with San Jose's The Giving Pies after the shop took a big hit from Tesla's canceled order.

Rasetarinera hopes large corporations remember there's people behind contracts.

"I want them to always remember everybody's action has an impact and it can be good or can be bad. And when it's Tesla it's better to show the good," Rasetarinera said.

Instead of focusing on the botched experience, she's focusing on her kindhearted customers.

"Everybody has their views but inside there's a heart and I love it haha," Rasetarinera said.

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