Deputy finds body on side of Skyline Boulevard in San Mateo County

SAN MATEO COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- A San Mateo County Sheriff's deputy was driving down Skyline Boulevard on Monday just after 11 p.m. when he noticed something on the side of the road. The dark figure turned out to be a man's body.

"Had he not seen that we don't know how long it could have been before someone else drove by," Lieutenant Stephanie Josephson said.

The body was found just north of Reid's Roost Road. The area is not heavily populated or traveled. The San Mateo County Sheriff's office brought in loads of detectives, officers and even their SWAT team to help with the investigation.

"They're looking to see if there is any information that there is a suspect-at-large or maybe that there's some evidence they can find," Lt. Josephson said. "They're trained in searching these kinds of areas. Its rough terrain and rural."

Deputies are calling the case a homicide, but wouldn't confirm what signs led them to that. A white car was towed from the scene to collect evidence.

Investigators are asking everyone in the area to be alert.

"Please report anything suspicious," Lt. Josephson said. "Anyone suspicious that you see. Please don't open your doors for anyone you don't know, unless they can confirm it's a law enforcement officer."

Deputies are asking residents to please avoid the area of Skyline Boulevard and Reid's Roost Road.

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