Lights back on for thousands in Santa Clara affected by damaged power lines

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KGO) -- It's been a busy night in Santa Clara. We found trees on top of cars, arching electrical wires, and hundreds of people in the dark.

On Steven Creeks Boulevard, an outage reported on Saturday night affected 2,634 customers of both Silicon Valley Power and PG&E.

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"The power went out yesterday at around 10 pm. We haven't had power for like 16 hours," said Santa Clara resident, Anthony Truong.

Strong winds knocked off part of the scaffolding from a construction site hitting power lines and leaving several blocks in the dark.

Silicon Valley Power tweeted "Extensive damage needing repair," elaborating on why it took 22 hours to restore power.

While Silicon Valley Power crews worked on the Stevens Creek Boulevard site, 4 miles away on North 2nd street another power outage was reported.

"Lights were flickering in our condo and when we came in we tried to turn the water on and there was no water. Then we heard a loud generator sound," said Santa Clara resident, Dennis Dowling.

The loud noise came from arching electrical wires. 199 PG&E customers were left without power on North 2nd Street.

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PG&E says they're investigating the cause of this outage.

Meanwhile, leaving Home Depot the Nedbal family saw the effects of the heavy winds and rain and say they're ready for the storm.

"We are stocked on flashlights, we also have some candles and our propane gas stove," said Santa Clara resident, Manuel Nedbal.
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