March for Our Lives student organizers speak out after Santa Fe high school shooting

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KGO) -- The February shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida prompted students to organize a series of nationwide marches for gun control. Seventeen were killed then. Ten died Friday.

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Last March, you could sense their passion and resolve to address gun violence and to make schools safer at Santa Clara University, where 400 students participated in a march and in San Francisco, one of the March for Our Lives events held in cities across the country. However, student organizers aren't surprised there was another deadly school shooting.

"The reason why this Santa Fe shooting happened was because nothing really drastic happened," said Julie Son, "and I don't see why we should be surprised that it happened again because nothing drastic happened."

She and other students from San Jose's Prospect High School are disappointed in the response of some political leaders.

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"We're seeing the same messages that we see every time there's a school shooting. Our thoughts and prayers are going out," said Izaiah Tilton. "They're thinking about the victims. It's not enough."

At Santa Clara University, representatives from Santa Clara Community Action Program believe they need to continue to put pressure on elected officials.

"They're also dealing with a lot of other issues, and I'm not say that's an excuse," said Narshitha Mogallapalli. "I'm just saying that we just have to make sure that we are consistently heard and that we're consistently doing things."

With midterm elections six months away, a sophomore at Santa Clara believes students need to keep up with the gun control issues and where candidates stand.

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"I know a lot of times college students get caught up in school and everything, and making sure you know what's going on and an informed voter is really important because then you can also be more passionate in your voting and knowing that you can make a difference.," said Devon Cable.

Summer break and graduation are approaching, which could impact momentum generated by the marches.

"We need to be consistently conscious and consistently thinking about kids are going to go back to school in fall," said Sarah Locklin. "What are we going to do between graduation for some of us and between our break and coming back to the school year to make sure that those kids step onto a safer campus."

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