Shopping around for high-yield savings accounts, CDs could earn consumers more money

Saturday, July 15, 2023
Shopping around for high-yield savings accounts could bolster savings
Most folks don't know how much their accounts are earning them in interest. By shopping around, consumers can get better rates on their savings.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- How much does your bank pay in interest on your savings account? Most I speak with have no idea.

I asked Garrett Sandow out of Redding if he knew the interest rate his bank was paying on his savings account.

"No, I wouldn't know the interest rate is on that," he said. "I would on my credit card, not on the bank account."

Here I am speaking with San Francisco's Dena Shapiro.

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MICHAEL FINNEY: "Do you have a bank account?"

DENA SHAPIRO: "I do have a bank account."

FINNEY: "Do you know what the interest rate is?"

She laughed and said, "Not today."

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The FDIC currently covers deposit accounts up to $250,000 -- but that could soon change.

Now let me introduce you to a guy who does know his bank's interest rate.

Ken Tumin keeps close track of interest rates paid on savings, CDs and similar accounts all over the country. He is the founder of, now a part of Lending Tree.

FINNEY: "CDs are paying some serious cash now, aren't they?"

KEN TUMIN: "Yes, they are. We haven't seen rates like this for more than a decade."

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How high are rates?

"Well, if you shop around, you can easily get over 5%, on a short-term CD," Tumin said.

But you do have to shop around. Interest rates are all over the place, from around 5% down to 0.01%.

Let's talk about what that means.

If you have $1,000, and get an interest rate of 5% for a year, you will be paid $50.

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If you are paid 0.01%, you will receive a dime.

Top deposit account rates are seen as a pretty good deal for safe money investors and, oddly enough, this is one of those few times where it appears there is no hurry to make a quick decision.

"I don't foresee rates going quickly this year," Tumin said. "So, you know, you could do well with just with a savings account, the high-yield savings account right now. You can do a little better with CDs. A one-year CD over 5% is easily obtainable right now."

And as long as you are looking, Tumin says, look online: "Online banks can usually have higher deposit rates because they don't have the overhead of a branch network."

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