What happened to Olivia Pope? 'Scandal' stars make the wait harder

ByLA Blake KGO logo
Thursday, January 29, 2015

"How to Get Away With Murder" and "Scandal," both Shonda Rhimes favorites, are back Thursday as part of #TGIT on ABC.

In the winter finale of ABC's "Scandal," something bad happened to Olivia Pope. Since then, the show and its stars have been such teases that one look at their social media feeds is bound to have any Gladiator reaching for the popcorn to stress-eat.

Remember this moment when our hearts collectively stopped?

What happened? Where did Olivia go? "Scandal" creators will only give us the teensiest, tiniest peek:

Who could be behind this? Fitz seems to have an idea.

Whatever happened to Olivia, producer Shonda Rhimes reminds us that the dramatic winter finale was just the beginning.

Quinn made us wonder if we will even be able to "handle" the roller coaster of emotions.

Jake is being a cryptic.

Who's a threat, Jake?

Rowan's trying to play the victim.

Despite all she has to deal with, Olivia's just worried about her fans:

Abby reminds us that there is more to look forward to than just the drama.

Mellie, always thinking ahead, wants us to be prepared for a few episodes down the road.

...then there's David, who prefers to tweet about more important things.

Here's the full #TGIT line-up, which airs new episodes on ABC Thursday night:

8 p.m. Grey's Anatomy

9 p.m. Scandal

10 p.m. How To Get Away With Murder