30 gun emojis part of threat against Pleasant Hill school on Snapchat

PLEASANT HILL, Calif. (KGO) -- There were extra police on hand at Valley View Middle School in Pleasant Hill on Tuesday after the FBI acted on a school shooting threat that was posted on Snapchat last week.

Last Friday, an online threat to shoot up the school on the last day was posted over the picture of an actress with an anti-gay slur and 30 gun emojis. Sgt Brian Leonard with the Pleasant Hill Police Department said, "There was a conversation between two juveniles. That conversation was reported to Snapchat and Snapchat was concerned about the content of that conversation and they alerted the FBI."

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Based on the IP address, the FBI contacted Concord police. The threatened school is in Pleasant Hill, but the 13-year-old who allegedly wrote the threat was arrested Friday night at his home in Martinez. Guns were confiscated, police say.

Sgt Leonard said when he was arrested, "It was downplayed somewhat. He made mention that he wasn't serious about the threats but obviously in this day and age you can't take threats lightly."

The FBI issued this statement:

"This could have been the next school shooting incident. But it wasn't because of the working relationship between social media platforms and tech companies and the FBI. "

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A few students claim the threat was directed at them, that the 30 gun emojis represented 30 students on a list. Family members picking up students were grateful for the extra police presence.

Lockers and classrooms were searched by a canine team and deemed safe. The 13-year-old was booked into county juvenile hall. The case is now before the DA's Office.

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