Sisters of man shot, killed by Vallejo police arrested outside Gov. Newsom's home for protesting

The sisters say they want to speak to the Governor about their brother's death but have received no response from his office.
SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KGO) -- Governor Gavin Newsom is responding to the arrest of two sisters outside his home who were protesting on the anniversary of their brother being shot and killed by Vallejo Police.

ABC7 News I-TEAM reporter Melanie Woodrow has covered Sean Monterrosa's shooting since June. Monday she asked Governor Newsom if he'd be willing to meet with the Monterrosa family.

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Protesters gathered outside Governor Gavin Newsom's Sacramento home Friday afternoon on the 4-month anniversary of Vallejo police shooting and killing Sean Monterrosa.

Sisters Michelle and Ashley Monterrosa were in the crowd.

"We were practicing our First Amendment right which is freedom of speech and we posed no threat," said Michelle Monterrosa.

The sisters say they want to speak to Governor Newsom about their brother's death but have received no response from his office.

On June 2, a Vallejo Police Officer fired from the backseat of an unmarked vehicle through the windshield, hitting and killing Monterrosa. He was outside a Walgreens where there had been a looting.

VIDEO: Vallejo police release bodycam footage from fatal shooting of Sean Monterrosa
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Vallejo police released body camera video from the June 2 fatal shooting of Sean Monterrosa Wednesday. Officers shot and killed Monterrosa through the windshield of a patrol car following a night of looting.

Vallejo Police say he was crouching down in a half-kneeling position, moving his hands towards his waist area revealing what they thought was the butt of a handgun. It turned out to be a hammer.

The officer's body camera video captured the following exchange:

"What did he point at us," asks the officer who fired.

"I don't know man," says another officer.

"Hey. he pointed a gun at us," says the officer who fired.

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Solano County District Attorney Krishna Abrams recused herself from the case. The Attorney General declined to investigate though the AG's office is investigating the destruction of the windshield, which was evidence.

The protesters call to the governor?

"With this protest we just wanted him to break his silence," said Michelle Monterrosa.

Instead, the CHP Capitol Protection Section arrested 17 protesters including Michelle and Ashley.

"Governor Newsom, shame on you! Shame on you," shouted another protester.

"For him to come at us full force the way we were arrested, it hurts," said Michelle Monterrosa.

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Monday, ABC7 News I-TEAM reporter asked Governor Newsom, "Would you be willing to speak with Sean Monterrosa's family?"

The Governor did not answer that specifically but said, "I've asked my staff to take a much more detailed look at exactly why the Attorney General chose not to move forward in terms of a criminal investigation, though I'm very pleased and grateful to the Attorney General for moving forward as it relates to police practices in that jurisdiction, and so we'll have more to say hopefully very shortly."

CHP confirms protesters were arrested for unlawful assembly, failure to disperse, trespassing and conspiring to commit a crime against the governor.

"It's just comical because at the end of the day we were posing no threats," said Ashley Monterrosa.

The sisters say they were in jail more than 20 hours.

"I'm exhausted I'm trying to catch up on sleep, but I feel motivated more than anything to go even harder for this journey for justice for our brother Sean," said Ashley Monterrosa.

The sisters say protesters had to post $2,000 bail in cash each to be released.
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