'I'm devastated': Nearly 200 kids tricycles stolen from SF Firefighters Toy Program storage unit

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Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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The San Francisco Fire Fighters Toy Program has fallen victim to thieves. Nearly 200 "trikes," which are similar to tricycles, were stolen from their storage unit.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, the San Francisco Firefighters Toy Program has fallen victim to thieves. Nearly 200 "trikes," which are similar to tricycles, were stolen from their storage unit. The loss is estimated to be in the thousands of dollars.

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Tuesday afternoon, those from the nonprofit showed ABC7 News the area where a thief, or thieves, broke in.

They first cut the lock, then emptied out much of a storage unit. They took electric fire truck and police car trikes that kids could ride around and play on.

"I think my only question would be why? I'm disappointed. Why did you do that? Why did you do that to the kids that we're trying to help?" says Sally Casazza of the San Francisco Firefighters Toy Program.

Casazza says she arrived Tuesday, days before Thanksgiving and weeks before Christmas, to find nearly 200 trikes worth over a hundred dollars each, gone.

"I can see somebody taking one item but taking the whole thing? There goes all the stuff for the younger children that we had, as far as tricycles go," says Casazza.

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Firefighters would have given the trikes to children in need for Christmas.

"I'm devastated by that. I can't imagine that someone has that kind of cruelty in their hearts to do that," says Katherine Looper, who runs the Cadillac Hotel San Francisco.

The hotel permanently houses homeless individuals. Last year when Looper couldn't afford to buy everyone a gift, those with the Firefighters Toy Program helped out and made sure all of the residents got something.

San Francisco Police Sgt. Rich Jones heads the nonprofit, Hunter's Chest, and says that his storage unit full of toys was hit by thieves six months ago. A suspect was caught, but the toys were never recovered.

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He, along with Sally, has a message for this latest holiday toy thief or thieves.

"Really dude? It's for the kids! It's Christmas! Bring em' back!" says Sgt. Jones.

Casazza went on to say, "If whoever did this is watching and if they want to return all those trikes to us, no questions will be asked."

Those with the Firefighters Toy Program tell us they're now going through surveillance video to try and figure out when this crime happened.

If you saw something, come across any of these tricycles, or would like to help the nonprofit out, you can call them at (415) 777-0440. You can also email them at Reno2150@pacbell.net. You can make a donation by going to their web site at https://www.sffirefighterstoys.org/