To enjoy or to worry? Bay Area winter heat wave presents residents with 'delightmare'

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Friday, February 11, 2022
Bay Area winter heat wave presents residents with 'delightmare'
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Bay Area's winter heat wave is being dubbed a "delightmare" as firefighters warn warm weather means increased fire dangers.

MARIN, Calif. (KGO) -- The Bay Area is experiencing a rare winter heat wave with temperatures soaring beyond a typical February, with no rain in sight.

"For me, it's a little warm," said Nancy Specht.

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Santa Rosa Pickleball courts were heating up on this weird, warm February day.

"It's odd, you get sunburned because you've been in sweaters, now all of the sudden it's hot," Specht added.

How hot? 80 degrees hot.

For many, it was time to hit the pool.

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"This is bizarre but I'm loving it but it's bizarre to have this kind of weather in February," said Maureen Mosley.

The Finley Aquatics Complex is open year-round but lately, lots of swimmers are showing up, anxious to jump in and cool off.

"Our staff this time of year is usually underneath shelters or in raincoats, braving elements. Now, we're making sure lifeguards have a hat and sunscreen," said Santa Rosa Recreation Department Supervisor Don Hicks.

The weather is so creepily warm, there might be a new word for it.

A combination of delightful and nightmare. "DelightMare."

The term was suggested by an ABC7 viewer on social media.

VIDEO: Warmer winter temperatures causing increased risk of earlier Bay Area wildfire season

More than a month without rain is increasing fire danger by the day.

Marin County Fire responded to a small wildfire off Highway 1 on Wednesday.

"The fire we had Wednesday is almost unheard of for February on the coast, if we don't get rain soon it's going to be problematic," said Marin County Fire Department Chief Jason Weber.

Southern Marin Fire Department tweeted a reminder to the public to be prepared and always know two ways out and have your emergency go-bag prepped in case you have to evacuate.

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