San Francisco police say condo attack suspect linked to other crimes

ByCornell Barnard and Jobina Fortson KGO logo
Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Police: SF condo attack suspect linked to other crimes
New details are emerging about the suspect at the center of a chilling attack of a woman last week outside her San Francisco condo complex.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- There are new details about the suspect at the center of a chilling attack on a woman last week outside her San Francisco condo complex. Police now say 25-year-old Austin James Vincent is linked to other assaults in San Francisco.

Vincent arrived in court Monday wearing a GPS ankle monitor, looking much different than his mugshot from last week. That's when he was arrested for a frightening attack of a woman outside her Condo lobby on Beale Street. The entire incident was caught on camera.

Vincent surrendered in court, but not for this recent case. He appeared for a separate attack last February. San Francisco police say a woman recognized Vincent, claiming he assaulted her and a group of friends around 4th and Brannan streets as they waited for a rideshare.

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"The victim in this case was outside a local restaurant when they were attacked by Mr. Vincent with a knife," said SFPD Deputy Chief Greg McEachern.

Police were called to the area that February night, but the friends and Vincent were gone and no one was hurt.

Investigators say Vincent may be linked to at least two other crimes.

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"In both those incidents, the individuals have come forward to us based on Mr. Vincent's picture being in the media and they've indicated to us that they were victims of crimes and that Vincent was the perpetrator," said McEachern.

"Austin has been doing everything that the judge ordered him to do," said Deputy Public Defender Saleem Belbahri. "He's taking this decision serious, but he's also taking his treatment serious. He's doing everything he has to do to get better."

Some who live and work in the SOMA neighborhood are feeling uneasy.

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"It's scary, attacks on women are scary," said Deah Schwartz.

Because of the recent developments, a judge pushed back Vincent's scheduled hearing on the latest condo assault until Tuesday. He's now in custody.