SFPD Chief William Scott passed over for LAPD chief job

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- LAPD's new chief will not be San Francisco's current chief, William Scott. The city's mayor, Eric Garcetti, has chosen Assistant Chief Michel Moore for the job.

Scott was one of LA Mayor Eric Garcetti's top three finalists.

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San Francisco Mayor Mark Farrell released a statement, saying: "Chief Scott has been a great partner in our collective effort to address the most pressing public safety issues facing our city and I look forward to continue working productively with him on our shared priorities. His leadership has brought great progress in our efforts to increase staffing levels at the police department, carry out crucial reforms and improve public safety in communities across San Francisco."

Scott also released a statement: "By now, you have heard that I explored an opportunity to return to Los Angeles to serve as the leader of that city's police department. Throughout the process, I maintained focus on the mission of the San Francisco Police Department to provide safety with respect for all in our City. This offer provided me an opportunity to reflect on how much our department has accomplished and the challenges we face here in San Francisco. I remain committed to the work ahead to maintain public safety, reduce crime and strengthen the relationships between our officers and the people of the City and County of San Francisco."

Rumors began swirling in early May that Scott may be a candidate for LAPD's top job after its police chief, Charlie Beck, announced his retirement at the end of the year.
Mayor Ed Lee introduced Scott as his new Chief in December of 2016. Scott had been with the LAPD for 27 years, becoming Deputy Chief of the South Bureau. When he left, Scott was highly praised by Chief Beck for his "tactical skills, intelligence and kindness."

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Here in San Francisco, Scott has been described as "measured and low key," a chief who wants consensus and collaboration.

Scott was supported by African-American groups in LA during the search process for a new chief. Scott has consistently deflected questions from reporters asking if he was a candidate for LA's job.

Immediately after Mayor Lee introduced him at a City Hall news conference, ABC7 News was granted an exclusive interview with the new chief. We asked him about speculation that he would apply for LAPD chief when Beck retired. He answered, "The mayor and the police commission have put their confidence that I'm going to come here and give it my all. As long as they will have me here. And that is my intent."
Now that Scott will remain in San Francisco, there is plenty of uncertainty for him. Mayor Lee has passed. There will be an election Tuesday for a new mayor. The Police Union has a new president but the friction between the Union and the Department is still there. And the make up of the Police Commission has changed.

There are now four vacancies on the seven member commission that supported him.

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