East Bay woman feeds unhoused people every week, now she is facing homelessness

Sharon Alexander is set to be evicted at the end of January 2023.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2022
Bay Area housing advocate in danger of losing housing
A Bay Area housing advocate is set to be evicted from her home in January 2023.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Every Sunday, Sharon Alexander and a team of volunteers feed unhoused people in West Oakland. She used to be homeless and once she moved into stable housing, she decided to give back.

"Some people have not had a hot meal in two or three days," she said. "When they come, they know they are getting a nutritious meal."

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However, her stable housing is about to end. She is set to be evicted at the end of January.

"The home I am in, they deemed it substandard," she said. "We have until January 31 to move out."

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She doesn't make enough money to afford rent in the Bay Area. She has reached out to multiple homeless agencies and she says all have turned her down.

"Shelters are full, the nonprofit organizations, they are full," she said. "They are not taking anymore clients. I've tried."

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She had been feeding the unhoused community for two years. She says it only took until recently to build trust with the homeless community in certain encampments. She doesn't want to stop feeding those in need, which is why she says she will continue searching for housing.

"It is terrifying," she said. "Not knowing where to go. I want to see people walk away with a good meal and say thank you so much god bless you and see you next Sunday. That means so much. It gets me straight."

The homeless feeding organization she founded is called Arthur Jean Foundation. Here is the link: https://arthurjeansafeplace.org/

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