New startup is trying to make it easier to mail packages

Byby Tiffany Wilson ABC logo
Saturday, September 13, 2014
A new start-up trying to make sending items easier.

SAN FRANCISCO -- A San Francisco startup is trying to remove the headache from sending a package. The new company is called Shyp. Since its launch in April, it has already sent more than 15,000 items - just in San Francisco.

"We are the middle man between people and the post office," explains one Shyp employee.

Kevin Gibbon, the founder and CEO says, "The growth has been unbelievable."

The idea came grew out of a problem Gibbon faced in the past.

Shipping a package can be a long process such as the long lines or not having enough packing material.

Gibbon says the shift in the consumer mindset is towards "on demand." So he and his team created a streamlined iPhone app that allows customers to take a picture, put in an address and wait for messengers they call "Shyp Heros" to pick up the item that needs to be shipped. The company charges $5 a pickup.

Customers receive a unique QR code to track progress as the item is whisked to a warehouse in the San Francisco's Bayview district.

Packing professionals create custom boxes, then hand off the package to traditional carriers like UPS or DHL.

"How our business model works, we get very large discounts from all the shipping carriers," says Gibbon. Shyp charges customers the retail rate and keeps the difference.

Some customers like The Bernal Cutlery averages one pickup per day and say the service has been working out great.

Shyp is looking to open in New York City next month.