Snow welcome sight in Lake Tahoe's Sierra

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Snow welcome sight in Lake Tahoe's Sierra
It's snowing in the Sierra and that's building excitement for snowboarding and skiing enthusiasts.

LAKE TAHOE (KGO) -- All that rain in the Bay Area is turning to snow in the Sierra.

Boreal Mountain Resort which is located off of Highway 80, along the north shore. It's at about 7,200 feet, which was right at the snow line all afternoon.

They had sort of a rain-snow mix, depending on where boarders and skiers were on the mountain. But there's enough for six runs to be open and the resort says it actually likes that wet snow right now.

"This really helps, we got open mostly on snowmaking, but this, there's nothing like natural snow to build excitement, that the moisture content in the snow is actually a benefit this time of year, it allows for a really solid base," Boreal Mountain Resort Manager Amy Ohran said.

"It's great! it's great. We went up a couple times last year, so I think we'll come up more this year," Granite Bay resident Jennifer Franks said.

Boreal Mountain Resort and other ski resorts expect to open more runs after this storm finishes dumping more snow overnight and even into Thursday.