South San Francisco residents opposed to mixed-use development proposal

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KGO) -- Some South San Francisco residents are saying not in my backyard to a mixed use development project that could include a building that's higher than any others in the area.

City Council members stepped back the project to include more feedback from residents.

On Wednesday, South San Francisco residents had the chance to meet with four potential developers. The high density, mixed use development project would cover six acres in the middle of town.

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The initial proposal would have included a 15 story building and that got dropped down to 12 stories. "And then the public told us what they thought of 12 and I suspect that 12 is off the table," said Councilman Mark Addiego.

Some South San Francisco residents were spotted at the meeting wearing pins that read, "no high rises." "I've lived in south city for 38 years and I'm not happy with any of this," said South San Francisco resident Angelique Presidente.

Residents opposed to the plans said taller buildings don't belong in South San Francisco. "If the residents in South San Francisco wanted to live in San Francisco we would have. We chose South San Francisco because it's a small local community where everyone knows their neighbor that's what we want to keep," said Presidente.

Milo Trauss organizes for "YIMBY" which stands for Yes In My Backyard. "They perceive some sort of threat to their community when really I think it will be an enhancement," said Trauss.

Trauss lives in Oakland, but that didn't stop him from attending. "Housing affects everybody," said Trauss.

He said he's looking out for younger people who need an affordable place to live. "The region is changing so if you're in the Bay Area this is the center for growth," said Trauss.

There is no word yet on how many stories the project will be.
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