Southwest plans to resume normal operations, but many still wait on lost luggage

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Friday, December 30, 2022
Southwest passengers still struggling to find lost luggage
Many Southwest passengers still have not been reconnected with their lost luggage as the travel meltdown continues.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- It's been a nightmare lasting several days for Southwest passengers throughout the country.

The airline confirming in a statement that it's still operating one-third of its travel schedule.

But in that same release it said operations will be back to normal Friday.

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Still, the troubles haven't ended yet for many travelers, some who still have not been reconnected with their lost luggage.

Charles and Kris Peyton flew Southwest Airlines out of Orange County Thursday into San Jose to spend New Year's Eve in Carmel.

Since it was a short flight, they were hopeful things would go as planned.

"We started out well, we left Orange County and everything was fine and I said 'Good job' to my husband," Kris Peyton said, "But then the drama happened."

Her husband, Charles got his luggage. Kris, was not so lucky.

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Southwest Airlines announced it will reimburse expenses to those who had flight cancellations.

"We spent an hour over in the baggage department of Southwest Airlines, they gave us a report to call us when they find it, which doesn't help us because we'll be down in Carmel," Charles Peyton said, "So they're going to have to send it to us and then just the big rigmarole."

While their troubles have only just started, the travel headaches for local teacher Terri Hodges started Christmas Day when she was trying to fly into St. Louis to see her parents.

She was supposed to go from San Jose to San Diego to connect and fly the rest of the way, but flight delays ruined her itinerary.

"I missed my connection in San Diego and they told me my bags were offloaded in San Diego," Hodges said, "I looked around the airport for four hours and they weren't ever to be found."

Hodges drove herself back to San Jose but, days later, she still doesn't have her bags.

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"I just was told they were shipped to St. Louis, which was my destination," she said, "So fingers crossed, they will be shipped back to San Jose in the next couple of days. I just don't know when."

Amid all of troubles thousands of passengers have had, there have been some happy reunions between suitcases and their owners.

A reunion others are hopeful they'll have too.

"I just want my bags back and I'll call it a day," Hodges said.

Southwest Airlines is shipping lost bags back to owners for free. Owners are not required to drive to separate airports.

More information on how to claim luggage lost on a Southwest Airlines flight can be found here.

Southwest has opened a self-service tool to help travelers impacted by their travel disruptions. If your flight has been significantly delayed or canceled, visit Southwest Airlines' website here to request a refund and other services you are entitled to.

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