Families accuses authorities of destroying evidence in 'speed freak killers' case

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015
Wesley Shermantine
Wesley Shermantine

A state senator and family members of alleged victims of the so-called "speed freak killers" are accusing the San Joaquin County Sheriff's office of destroying evidence in the case.

Hayward's Michaela Garecht disappeared in 1988 and her mother is among those concerned that authorities deleted missing persons files.

Marie Gillit is among those making the claims, as well. She believes her father was murdered by convicted killers Wes Shermantine and Loren Herzog. The two men suspected of killing as many as 72 people.

"He didn't deserve this he didn't deserve it from the two men who murdered him and didn't serve from law enforcement to protect and serve," Gillit said.

State senator Cathleen Galgiani has filed a motion in federal court to unseal records in the case.

She says she has emails proving the sheriffs office removed missing persons information from Justice Department files.

San Joaquin County sheriff Steve Moore says the files weren't deleted, but transferred to the Department of Justice.

Shermantine is on death row and says he can show law enforcement where to find additional victims. Herzog killed himself shortly after his parole in 2012.