Spidey and His Amazing Fans Contest Winner Shares 22k Comic Book Collection

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Monday, August 23, 2021
Spider-Man Fan Shares 22k Comic Book Collection
This AMAZING Spider-Man fan owns over 22,000 comic books! See how the new series #SpideyAndHisAmazingFriends is helping him share his passion with his kids. #WatchOnDisneyJunior @disneyjunior #SpideyFANS

NASHVILLE, TN. -- Andrew Van Huss first visited a comic bookstore when he was 4-years-old. Little did he know how that obsession would grow. Today, Andrew owns over 22,000 comic books. Out of all of them, his Spider-Man comics are his most prized possessions.

"Spider-Man, he was a teenager," Says Andrew as he reflects on his favorite superhero. "He had teenager problems, and that just always connected with me. It made it seem like any of us could be Spider-Man."

Now a father, Andrew shares his passion for comic books with his son and daughter. He even had the chance to introduce his son to "The Man" and creator of Spider-Man, Stan Lee. Now, they all bond over their love for Spidey by watching the new Disney Jr. show, Spidey and His Amazing Friends.


Spider-Dad and Son Share Passion for "Spidey and His Amazing Friends"

Inspired by Spider-Man, this amazing Spidey fan followed his dream and moved to New York City, but he never expected his son to love his favorite superhero just as much as he does.