2022 MLB draft: Mock drafts, rankings, order and analysis

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Thursday, June 30, 2022

We're just a few weeks away from the 2022 MLB draft, which will take place July 17-19 in Los Angeles in conjunction with Major League Baseball's All-Star Game festivities.(Watch: Sun. July 17 at 7 p.m. ET on ESPN)

The Baltimore Orioles have the No. 1 pick, followed by the Arizona Diamondbacks, Texas Rangers, Pittsburgh Pirates and Washington Nationals. There is a more clear-cut choice for the top pick this year, with high school outfielder Druw Jones -- the son of high-profile former big leaguer Andruw Jones -- expected by many to come off the board first. Other top high school draft prospects include shortstop Jackson Holliday and second baseman Termarr Johnson.

The draft will consist of 20 rounds this year, just as it was last year -- half the length of the 40-round edition last held in 2019.

Who does ESPN MLB draft expert Kiley McDaniel think is the best prospect this year? Which potential future star is your favorite team targeting with its first-round pick? And which prospect could be a late-round gem this year? Check out our complete coverage of the draft below, including mock drafts, prospect rankings, player analysis, draft order and more.

MLB mock drafts and rankings

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MLB draft analysis

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MLB draft order

First round

1. Baltimore Orioles

2. Arizona Diamondbacks

3. Texas Rangers

4. Pittsburgh Pirates

5. Washington Nationals

6. Miami Marlins

7. Chicago Cubs

8. Minnesota Twins

9. Kansas City Royals

10. Colorado Rockies

11. New York Mets

12. Detroit Tigers

13. Los Angeles Angels

14. New York Mets

15. San Diego Padres

16. Cleveland Guardians

17. Philadelphia Phillies

18. Cincinnati Reds

19. Oakland Athletics

20. Atlanta Braves

21. Seattle Mariners

22. St. Louis Cardinals

23. Toronto Blue Jays

24. Boston Red Sox

25. New York Yankees

26. Chicago White Sox

27. Milwaukee Brewers

28. Houston Astros

29. Tampa Bay Rays

30. San Francisco Giants

Compensation picks

31. Rockies (Trevor Story)

32. Reds (Nick Castellanos)

Competitive balance round A

33. Baltimore Orioles

34. Arizona Diamondbacks

35. Kansas City Royals

36. Pittsburgh Pirates

37. Cleveland Guardians

38. Colorado Rockies

39. San Diego Padres

Second round

40. Los Angeles Dodgers

41. Boston Red Sox

42. Baltimore Orioles

43. Arizona Diamondbacks

44. Pittsburgh Pirates

45. Washington Nationals

46. Miami Marlins

47. Chicago Cubs

48. Minnesota Twins

49. Kansas City Royals

50. Colorado Rockies

51. Detroit Tigers

52. New York Mets

53. San Diego Padres

54. Cleveland Guardians

55. Cincinnati Reds

56. Oakland Athletics

57. Atlanta Braves

58. Seattle Mariners

59. St. Louis Cardinals

60. Toronto Blue Jays

61. New York Yankees

62. Chicago White Sox

63. Milwaukee Brewers

64. Houston Astros

65. Tampa Bay Rays

66. San Francisco Giants

Competitive balance round B

67. Baltimore Orioles

68. Minnesota Twins

69. Oakland Athletics

70. Tampa Bay Rays

71. Tampa Bay Rays

72. Milwaukee Brewers

73. Cincinnati Reds

74. Seattle Mariners