Baseball fans fascinated by SFPD 'quadski' in McCovey Cove

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Fans watching the Bay Bridge Series on Saturday saw a unique vehicle patrolling the waters outside AT&T Park.

The Giants announcers definitely took notice. "I gotta believe he's the luckiest guy on the force, right there, riding that thing. I want to be that guy," one said.

It's a new vehicle for San Francisco police that a lot of people saw on TV and in person.

"It kind of looked like Robocop," baseball fan Ben Mullin said.

"It looked like something out of Batman. Another guy thought it was something out of James Bond," fan Vince Borteous said.

This jetski that converts to an ATV with a simple click was a gift.

The CEO of Salesforce donated the over $50,000 "quadski" to the SFPD marine unit.

SFPD probably isn't offering ridealongs just yet but the quadski sure got noticed in McCovey Cove during the game.

"We got the message that we probably needed to behave ourselves," Mullin said.
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